What’s going to happen to the price of football tickets?

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There are more important things in life than football. And if a global pandemic doesn’t add weight to the “it’s just a game” argument then what will? And yes, our healthcare services are tending to much more serious problems of life and death. But the sport (and indeed business) of football has been seriously hit […]

How to Become a Food Delivery Driver

become a food delivery d river

Since the current Coronavirus pandemic forced the closure of restaurants and cafes in the UK, many are turning to takeaway and delivery options in a bid to continue trading. At the same time, despite a raft of Government measures, some are losing jobs as the result of the crisis. Big supermarkets are recruiting actively and […]

Best Home Spin Bikes under £300 2020

best home spin bikes

Spin classes are booming in popularity in the UK as Brits flock to pedal and sweat to dance music in a gym somewhere in a bid to burn fat and get fitter! But what if that gym membership is adding up to too much over time? Or what is the spin classes at your local […]

Valuing a Property: What do Estate Agents Look for?

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Professional estate agents usually take into considerations several factors when valuing a home, having valuated countless homes within their housing profession, they know what to look for. Read on some of the primary aspects, which lead to the ultimate value of a property. What influences property valuations? Social amenities Proximity to local amenities such as […]

Can I get a Mortgage if I’m Self Employed?

self employed mortgage

Getting a mortgage can seem a daunting and overwhelming process even if you financial status is relatively simple. So what about the self employed, whose income might fluctuate month to month and is often less predictable? Can they still get a mortgage? Self Employed Mortgage Woes It’s a natural concern when even making the decision […]

What’s the Minimum Deposit Needed for a Mortgage?

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Getting your foot on the property ladder is hard, with prices now incredibly high and often rising faster than wages can keep up. So house buyers are tasked with having to save up thousands upon thousands for a deposit. But what is the minimum deposit you need to get a mortgage in 2019? Are you […]

How to Save for a Mortgage Deposit While Paying Rent

mortgage deposit saving

Getting your first foot on the property ladder is getting harder and harder! Especially when you’re paying through the nose for rent. Here’s our tips on saving up for that house deposit as a private renter. How to save for a mortgage deposit while paying rent Renting has become a go-to way to live for […]

Christmas Loans – the pros and cons of borrowing to fund Christmas

christmas loans

Christmas is just round the corner. It’s a time of merriment for many but can be a real financial burden too. Many people turn to loans each Christmas but is it a good idea to put Christmas on credit? While it’s always good practice to think properly about your finances, Christmas is not only known […]

Can You Get a Loan Without a Credit Check?

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Does a dodgy credit rating rule you out of getting a loan? And can you get one without a credit check whatsoever? We take a look… There are plenty of lenders that claim to offer people loans with no credit check, but are these offers genuine? And more to the point… what’s the catch? The […]

What is APR?

what is apr

APR can make it pretty confusing to work out exactly how much interest you’re going to repay. We’ve outlined what APR is and what it all means. You will see the term ‘APR’ used on a range of different lending options including credit cards, overdrafts, loans and mortgages. In the UK it is a legal […]