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16th September 2019
Car Finance When You’ve Got Bad Credit

You’ve finally chosen your car 🚘 after what seems like a lifetime of perusing through whatever used car sales websites you’ve taken to. Or maybe you went for the offline approach and did a day of trawling around garages. Whichever way you went about it, if you’ve picked your vehicle, great news. Now for the […]

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24th October 2017
Best Gin, Wine, Beer and Other Alcohol Advent Calendars

Christmas is upon us once again and the time for getting into the festive spirit is here.  There was a time when advent calendars were about one thing, and one thing only: chocolate – those days are gone! Nowadays, there are a myriad of novelty advent calendars available to suit just about anyone – from […]

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20th October 2017
Bad Credit Mortgages – Our Guide to Getting a Mortgage with a Low Credit Score

If you’re hoping to buy a home and you’ve got a less than favourable financial history, you might be worried about your mortgage prospects. So this is our guide to bad credit mortgages. First up, what is ‘bad’ credit? Let’s address the big question first. What exactly is ‘bad’ credit? When we say ‘bad credit,’ we […]

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17th October 2017
The Best Secret Santa Gifts for Under a Tenner

Love it or loathe it, there’s a good chance that you’re about to hear the words: “Are you in the Secret Santa again this year?” It’s pretty much a trick question, to be honest. It means, “You ARE in the Secret Santa this year, aren’t you?” Cos nobody wants to be the miserable Scrooge who […]

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27th September 2017
Jet2 Flight Delay Compensation Claims

There’s nothing quite as miserable as a flight delay, is there? On the way to your holiday destination, you just want to get there and a delay dampens the mood somewhat. And on the way home? Well, I’m usually just dying to get back in my own bed and finding a delay greeting you at […]

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20th August 2017
Saving on Sofas: Buying Ex Display Sofas

Furnishing a house can be an expensive business. And one of the biggest investments is a sofa (if you want a good one). But if you, like me, enjoy putting your feet up and relaxing in an evening, then you’ll want a comfy one. That does not mean, however, that you need to break the […]

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18th August 2017
How to get a Mortgage in Principle

A mortgage in principle serves a couple of benefits. It gives you a clear indication, without a full application, as to what you could borrow and whether a certain lender would lend to you. This saves you getting in too deep with viewings or too far down the process with properties if you won’t be […]

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14th August 2017
Mortgage Deposit Loans – Should You Borrow to Fund Your Mortgage Deposit

Getting on the property ladder is hard! With at least 5% of the property value required to get a mortgage and average house prices in the UK currently standing at over £220,000, it’s a pricey endeavour. So it’s tempting to consider taking out a loan to fund a mortgage deposit and you may already have […]

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5th August 2017
Is Viagogo A Complete Scam?

So, Viagogo is getting a bit of bad press (understatement of the year) at the moment. But is it justified? I can’t talk about hidden fees or anything, but what I can talk with experience about is the widespread sale of invalid tickets! So here’s my experience of dealing with what I consider a complete […]

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12th July 2017
15 Free Ways to Entertain the Kids this Summer

Having kids and keeping them entertained can be expensive. From going to the zoo to visiting theme parks, you can sometimes be forgiven for thinking you need a bottomless pit of money when it comes to doing things with your kids. However, when it comes to finding things you can do with the kids this […]

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