Spin classes are booming in popularity in the UK as Brits flock to pedal and sweat to dance music in a gym somewhere in a bid to burn fat and get fitter! But what if that gym membership is adding up to too much over time? Or what is the spin classes at your local centre just aren’t at convenient times for you?

Well that’s where home spin bikes come in. Buying home fitness equipment can make financial sense in the long term as those gym memberships can cost several hundreds over a year. And it also adds the convenience of training on your terms at times to suit you.

A home spin bike needn’t cost the Earth either. Here’s our rundown of some of the best spin bikes available at less than £300!

Best Spin Bikes in Summary

Here are our top 5 picks for spin bikes under £300 for home use.

Bike Price (At time of Writing) Flywheel Weight Average Rating Get It!
Bodymax B2 £229 (reduced from £329!) 13kg 4 Here
XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Bike £177.99 15kg 4.4 Here
JLL IC300 PRO Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike £269.99 20kg 4.4 Here
LIFE CARVER BTM Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike £159.99 10kg 4.5 Here
Dripex Upright Exercise Bikes - Black Deluxe £209.00 Unspecified 4.4 Here

Bodymax B2 Spin Bike

The B2 Bodymax spin bike is a popular home choice and this comes down to an accessible price point and very reasonable 13kg flywheel.

At the time of writing this is freshly reduced and is now less than £200 (currently £199.99). It’s rating well on Amazon with 4/5 on the whole.

The black and yellow design is modern and fresh looking and the rear transport wheels make it much easier to move it around your house.

Make no mistake, it’s never going to be easy moving a spin bike around your home (this one has a total weight of 34kg) but the wheels will help.

At the time we write, the Bodymax B2 comes with a free bottle holder and monitor. A solid premium brand spin bike suitable for the home.

XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Bike

There aren’t many home spin bikes on the market with a price tag under £200 and packing in all that the XS Sports Aerobic bike does. It’s just £177.99. Assuming you pay a gym membership of £20 a month (many pay more) then you cover the cost of the bike in just 9 months.

It’s a plainer looking product than many of the other home spin bikes in this list with a largely plain black design (bar the splash of red). But it has a monitor, drinks holder and a maximum user weight of 125kg. The 15kg flywheel is no lightweight and you get an in-the-gym bike feel from riding this one at home.

JLL IC300 PRO Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike

This spin bike has the heaviest fly wheel of all options on our round up with a whopping 20kg. Like other bikes here, it has adjustable resistance and is another in at under £300. The price tag at the time of writing is £274.99 and the 178 reviews live currently rater it a 4.4/5.

Again, you could argue that the design is hardly stand out. But do any of us buy exercise bikes for how they look?

Oh, you do?

Well for those who don’t, the functionality on this represents a really great value product and that heavy front flywheel will give it a real gym-bike feel.

LIFE CARVER BTM Indoor Spin Bike

I’ll be honest. Live Carver was not a brand I’d heard of when I started my own search an indoor spin bike to use at home. But this one packs a real punch. It’s an absolute bargain at £155.99 and its 78 reviews rate it at an impressive 4.5/5.

Its features are something to shout about with a 10kg flywheel, a maximum user weight of 122kg, adjustable resistance and monitor.

And I know we keep reiterating that we don’t expect people to buy exercise bikes on the basis of how they look. But if looks were to be a deciding feature then we think this looks pretty standout with a bold green and black design.

That price tag, though! It makes it a real contender. Cheap but with great features.

Dripex Upright Exercise Bikes – Black Deluxe

This is another brand that might not spring to mind when thinking about exercise equipment. But Dripex has a number of home exercise bike options on the market and the one that caught our eye was the Upright Black Deluxe, which is also the most expensive in its range. Still, it’s a perfectly accessible alternative to your gym membership, priced at £209.99 at the time of writing.

The weight of the flywheel here is unspecified. But with a total weight of 28kg it’s a fair assumption that this is one at the lighter end. The main benefit of that, of course, is the fact you can easily move it around your house from room to room should you need to.

For the Love of Seat Covers

Whichever home spin bike you use, do consider investing a few £s in a seat cover. Spin bikes, both in the the gym and at home, have a habit of coming with really hard seats. And there’s nothing quite as uncomfortable as a long spell spent on a hard spin bike seat.

You can pick up cushioned covers for a few pounds. Personally, I use this on with my own Bodymax bike.

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